Camp Cherith in the Carolinas | Pendleton, SC |
Camp Cherith 2019 July 28 - August 3
Camp Cherith in the Carolinas is a traditional residential camp serving boys and girls ages 7-17. Our staff is volunteer and we operate one week in the summer at Clemson University's Outdoor Lab in Clemson, SC.

Camp Cherith in the Carolinas began its Christian camping ministry in 1983. Our Mission is simple. We strive to provide a safe, exciting, enjoyable camp experience for children ages 7 to 17; encouraging them to establish and strengthen a lasting personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We strive to foster the development of campers to become strong Christian leaders both at camp and in the community.

Our camp is a member of the Association of Cedarbrook Camps and accredited by the American Camping Association which sets high standards for quality and safety at our camp.
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